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I hope you will enjoy - even it take the time - it take !   Ana Farid

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      Et billede, der indeholder kaffe, indendørs, sidder, bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Goodbye to my “supporters”

Now it's about moving forward in life.

Thanks to God & the Montebello Hospital

in Spain for helping me.

Et billede, der indeholder vand, båd, dam, svømmer

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


Then the paintbrushes are running again….

My Life Tree`s!

Et billede, der indeholder fugl, gul, sidder, tegning

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Oil on canvas 60x80

My Life Tree has many years on the back,

it was necessary for me to paint 4 Life Tree,

that tell my past – present – future

Et billede, der indeholder tatovering, tegning

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Et billede, der indeholder indendørs, grøn, tatovering

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Oil on canvas 60x60


“Let`s play in the crown of the life tree.

Let`s feel that life is beautiful.

Let`s see the blue horizons and the Gate

of Heaven”


Et billede, der indeholder tegning, natur

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


What does your Life Tree look like?




Et billede, der indeholder sort, computer

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse    Et billede, der indeholder bord, indendørs, beklædning

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Where´s Ana Farid?

Has stopped in the black chair since November 2018.

The white canvas is still empty, but my inner fantasies and dreams are underway,

just waiting for my white canvas and 3 clour will tell a new infinite story for joy and inspiration for me and you.     

                            Et billede, der indeholder indendørs

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse 





-       Enjoy my art

My vision of my art

Is for you to STOP UP!

Set your mind on standby

Be surprised and feel astonished

It´s your fantasy and dream

It´s a tool for dialogue

Bridge building between culture and religion

Art out to the people


Project the Coloured DahabEt billede, der indeholder jord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

                    Wall painting

In 2015 the Mayor of Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt invited the

Local artists to paint to on the graveyard wall.


What is it?

I paint two fairy tale “Stop UP” set your mind on Stand By.

The paintings process get a very interest from the local people,

and they still asking me “What is it”?

Et billede, der indeholder vand, indendørs

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse



Et billede, der indeholder mand, person, indendørs, væg

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse




Et billede, der indeholder indendørs, bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

2016 “Dahab United”

New painting on a new wall in Dahab

Et billede, der indeholder bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

One world

One family, brother and sister, who take care of each other.

We are responsible for each, and if one in the family make problems, it´s our duty to correct this behaving.

If we do nothing we do not take of my brother and sister.

Now time for use our positive energy and power for win the person back and not push away.

                                                                                   Ana Farid

Et billede, der indeholder barn, pige

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, bygning, graffiti, malet

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


2016 new wall in Dahab

“Key of Life”

Symbol for development of Egypt


Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision is just the time to go.

Vision with action can change the world.

Only vision which my limit for development.


Et billede, der indeholder bygning, vand, himmel

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse





2018 new wall in Dahab

The light shine in the dark.

Even through the dark is in disquise

in glorious colour, the dark never

overcome the light.    

                                                                            Ana Farid

Et billede, der indeholder tekst, indendørs

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse





Photo Cavalcade from my exhibitions




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None age for Art

All can get the experience of the colour magi


Painting Course ?

Welcome to course in painting


When life hurts........ Paint!

When you are bursting with joy.... Paint!


Put your brain on standby then let go! – Your intuition and the colours will form the picture.

It will bring wisdom and renewed energy.



The course is for those who want to experience the power of colour,

how it can influence ones energy and chakra. The ones who want to create pictures during a process.


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