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Project Coloured Dahab


Wall painting











    I am blessed I get a chance to show my oil on canvas paintings

special technique, is it a silk paper or silk tapestries

To show my neverending story, meaning one day you may

experience something particular in it and next day something

entirely different.

It will trig your own imagination and your own unique story will

start to unfold.





More paintings! visit page Exhibition



Photo Cavalcade from my exhibitions









None age for Art

All ca

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Ana Farid

n get the experience of the colour magic.

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   Painting Course ?

Welcome to course in painting


When life hurts........ Paint!

When you are bursting with joy.... Paint!


Put your brain on standby then let go! – Your intuition and the colours will form the picture.

It will bring wisdom and renewed energy.



The course is for those who want to experience the power of colour,

how it can influence ones energy and chakra. The ones who want to create pictures during a process.


Click in on the page Course