252776_317477695008647_1435888897_n.JPG In respect for the people

who still waiting at the freedom, bread and dignity come truth.

The people who still keep their hope and dreams for the future,

and remember me, at the fabulous coral sea and Sinai`s mountain

are still here.

So I hope you will enjoy my collage with the theme "Spirit of Sinai"


mand i ørken 1.jpg   sea slør.jpg

sea6 1.jpg   spirit of sinai 1sea3.jpg

mountain børn1.jpg   sea1 1.jpg

mountain 1.jpg   sea2.jpg

medier kamel.jpg   mountain1.jpg

mountain3 1.jpg   mænd sidder1.jpg

sea4 1.jpg   sea5 1.jpg

20x20 mixed material