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Welcome to course in painting


When life hurts........ Paint!

When you are bursting with joy.... Paint!


Put your brain on standby then let go! – Your intuition and the colours will form the picture.

It will bring wisdom and renewed energy.



The course is for those who want to experience the power of colour,

how it can influence ones energy and chakra. The ones who want to create pictures during a process.


The content of the course:


·        Aquarelle “wet in wet”

·        Intuitive oil- and acrylic

·        The nature and substance of colours

·        Development of intuition

·        Interpretation of the paintings

·        Meditation

The teaching alternates between the practical paint on canvas, absorption and interpretation

of your own and the other participant’s paintings.


To gain the inner peace the lessons always begin with meditation. After that you will be in front

of the white and empty canvas and then start to paint. Some paint is taken off again.

The miracle happens the pictures provides it self and tells you a new story.



Coffee and tea is provided.

Bring your painting gear or you can buy what is needed by me.


Contact me for more information


                                                                                                                            Ana Farid



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